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Research collaboration


Northwest A&F University - Purdue University Joint Research Center

  • The Introduction of the Center

Northwest A&F University and Purdue University have started cooperation and exchange in 2008. To strengthen further cooperation between the two universities and promote bilateral relations to a new stage, the Northwest A&F University - Purdue University Joint Research Center was established in Northwest A&F University in 2010. The center is integrated into the State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Biology for Arid Areas. In addition to conduct research on plant stress responses to biological and abiotic stresses, the center promotes the collaborative research and information exchange of two universities and provides a dedicated training and research platform for graduate students and postdoctoral research associates from the two universities.

The Major Tasks of the Center
The major task of the center is to realize the benefits of cooperative research funded by both China and the U.S., which otherwise cannot be achieved by any side alone.

Purdue University:
1. Provide faculty and students of Purdue University the opportunities to conduct research and study in China. Northwest A&F University has unique natural resources and ecological environments that Purdue University does not have;
2. Improve the influence of Purdue University and its agricultural research in the northwestern region of China;
3. Enroll high-quality students from Northwest A&F University in the Purdue University Graduate School;
4. Make major research facilities in Purdue University available for Northwest A&F University researchers to use with reasonable charges.

Northwest A&F University:
1. Adopt expert advice or other possible ways of cooperation to increase the opportunities for obtaining professional technology in agriculture from Purdue University;
2. Exchange experimental materials, faculty members and information with Purdue University;
3. Organize personnel and develop research projects addressing biotic and abiotic stresses
4. Increase the opportunities for Northwest A&F University students to communicate with the experts and scholars from Purdue University and other international cooperation institutions.
Center Organization and Management

Center Organization:
Northwest A&F University is theCenter's supporting institution. The center director is responsible for administration and financial management of the laboratories and scientific research cooperation. Under the leadership of the center director, the center is consisted of four laboratories with different research areas: functional genomics, proteomics, chemistry, and bioinformatics.

Centre director: Xu Jinrong(professor)
Researcher: Wang Chenfang (Associate research Scientist), Jin Qiaojun (Associate Professor), Liu Huiquan (Assistant research scientist), and Xiang Ping (Technician)
The Major Research Projects and Achievements
Since 2010, Professor Xu Jinrong and his research team has published 6 papers in MPMI, PLoS One, PLoS Pathogens and other famous international journals with Northwest A&F University as the first affiliation, and has successively conducted several major projects, such as the major projects of genetically modified organisms to develop new crop varieties, the sub-projects of the 973 program, sub-projects of the Agriculture Public Service Sectors Special Project with a total funding of 12.3 million Chinese yuan.