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The laboratory director


Director of the Laboratories: Kang Zhensheng.He is a Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor, a chief expert of Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team of the Ministry of Education. He is a professor and PhD student adviser in the College of Plant Protection of Northwest A&F University, the director of the Institute of Plant Pathology,and the director of the Biotechnology Center of Northwest A&F University.    >>View details

Chief Secretary: Hu Yingang.He holds a PhD in Agriculture. He is a professor of Genetics and Breeding in Northwest A&F University and a PhD student advisor. He was awarded the "Shaanxi Provincial Youth Marcher" by the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League in January, 2007 and received an award of "Outstanding Returned Oversea Student in Shaanxi Province" in 2009.

Research area: crop germplasm resources and germplasm innovation, genetics and breeding of crop drought resistance and water use efficiency.    >>View details

Vice director of the laboratories: Ji Wanquan, PhD, Professor and PhD student adviser. He isVice Dean of the College of Agronomy,director of the Wheat Research Center of Shaanxi Province,member of the Chinese Society of Genetics, Chair of Genetics Society of Shaanxi Province. He is an expert who has made outstanding contributions in Shaanxi Province, receiving special government allowances. He is a member of Shaanxi Provincial CPPCC.

Research area: agricultural biotechnology, crop genetics and breeding.    >>View details

Vice Director of the laboratorie: Zhang Chaoyang.