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1 Takao Komatsuda Control of spike grain number by barley Vrs1 orthologous genes in wheat 2015.12
2 Jeffrey Chu PacBio 三代测序技术 2015.12
3 Changdeng Hu Bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC): opportunities and challenges 2015.12
4 Paul Birch The targets of Phytophthora effectors: pressure points to promote disease 2015.11
5 Ian Toth Advancing our knowledge of bacterial plant pathogens through genomics: Pectobacterium and Dickeys – A case study 2015.11
6 Takao Komatsuda Evolution of the grain dispersal system in barley 2015.11
7 Brett M. Tyler Using knowledge of genomics and effectors to improve how Phytophthora disease resistance 2015.11
8 Hannele Lindqvist-Kruze Predicting functionality of late blight resistance by studying pathogen populations 2015.11
9 Liu Chunji Pan-genome in hexaploid wheat 2015.11
10 Qi Ruhu Review on Molecular Cloning Methods 2015.11
11 Zhang Hongbin Molecular mechanisms of quantitative genetics: cloning and systems analysis of 1501 genes controlling maize grain yield and 474 genes controlling  cotton fiber length 2015.9
12 Bruce Downie Dark testa mutants of tomato: walking to brown seed 2015.9
13 Wang Mingbo DNA demethylases interact with small RNAs to regulate stress response genes in Arabidopsis 2015.9
14 Hanan Sela Conservation and utilization of cereal crop wild relatives 2015.9
15 Zotikov  俄罗斯荞麦和糜子生产现状与科研进展 2015.9
16 Dr. Steven Harris The stress biology of extremophile fungi and the nature of fungal interactions algae. 2015.8
17 Xiangming Xu 论文写作技巧专题讲座 2015.8
18 Theresa M. Cira A partnership between Northwest A&F University and the University of  Minnesota 2015.7
19 Ronnie Coffman Rust, Risk, and Biotechnology 2015.6
20 Bernard Carroll Molecular basis of meiotic drive in tomato pollen 2015.6
21 Keyan Zhu-Salzman  Adaptation of a storage pest to plant protease inhibitor and low oxygen stress  2015.6
22 Douglas BROWN Developing Breeder Seed 2015.5
23 Douglas BROWN  Farming in Canada 2015.5
24 Daoguo Zhou Regulation of Salmonella invasion into non-phagocytic cell 2015.5
25 Andy Tao Mapping high-resolution kinase substrate network in animals and plants 2015.5
26 David Hole 小麦与大麦的全基因组选择(Genome Wide Association Selection in Wheat and Barley) 2015.5
27 YongHwan Lee Epigenetic regulation of fungal development and pathogenicity in the rice blast fungus 2015.5
28 Ralph Dean Unraveling the complex biology of infection and pathogenesis by the rice blast pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae 2015.5
29 Yin-Won Lee Autoregulation of ZEB2 expression for zearalenone production in Fusarium graminearum 2015.5
30 Sung-Hwan Yun Toward a comprehensive understanding of sexual development in Fusarium graminearum 2015.5
31 John Leslie Fusarium graminearum: Species or clade? 2015.5
32 Lesley Torrance 植物与病毒的相互作用 2015.4
33 Joss High Spatial Resolution Functional Genomics of Fleshy Fruit Development and Plant Polymer Biology: New Techniques and New Paradigms 2015.4
34 Dag-Ragar Blystad, Advances in virus detection   2015.1
35 Brett Tyler Using knowledge of genomics and effectors to improve how Phytophthora disease resistance 2015.1
36 Zhongbo Ren Grape in Florida 2015.1
37 Wujun Ma 小麦品质育种 2014.11
38 XianmingChen 植物抗病性及其利用 2014.11
39 Takao Komatsuda Genetic and epigenetic studies on floret closing (cleistogamy) in barley 2014.11
40 Robert McIntosh 植物抗病遗传系列报告 2014.9
41 Shashi Sharma Make food security a non-issue 2014.9
42 Wujun Ma教授 Wheat quality improvement through grain protein manipulation 2014.9
43 Krishna Subbarao Human Activities and Plant Disease: Reflections from the Recent Past 2014.9
44 Elizabeth Vierling Genetic dissection of acclimation to high temperature 2014.9
45 Elizabeth Vierling Genetic dissection of acclimation to high temperature 2014.9
46 Weidong Chen Taking another look at Sclerotinia sclerotiorum 2014.9
47 Mark L. Gleason Working successfully with APS journals 2014.9
48 Philippe Hinsinger P for two - sharing a scarce resource in intercropping systems - rhizosphere processes 2014.8
49 Claire Marsden Tracking root-microbe-earthworm interactions in the rhizosphere 2014.8
50 Laurent Bedoussac Intercropping cereal and grain legume 2014.8
51 Prof. Jian Feng Ma Transport and control of toxic minerals-Cd and As in rice 2014.6
52 Prof. Jian Feng Ma Crop productivity and silicon transporters 2014.6
53 Xianming Chen Integrated Control of wheat stripe rust 2014.6
54 Robert F Park Wheat rust research in Australia 2014.5
55 Daoguo Zhou The challenge of the Post-Genome Era: Salmonella and its hosts 2014.5
56 Wen Jiang Emerging Structural Biology Method: Electron Cryo-Microscopy 2014.5
57 Douglas BROWN Agriculture Research at the Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg and Morden, Manitoba, Canada 2014.4
58 Bruce Downie An F-Box protein targeting Phytochrome Interacting Factor 1 (PIF1) for polyubiquitination and destruction 2014.4
59 Lynnette Dirk Late Embryogenic Abundant(LEA)proteins: A protein protection mechanism? 2014.4
60 Douglas BROWN Oat Research, Production and Industry in Western Canada 2014.4
61 Brett M. Tyler From genomics to effectors: new ways to protect crop plants from disease 2014.4
62 Brett Tyler From genomics to effectors: new ways to protect crop plants from disease 2014.4
63 Douglas BROWN Winter Wheat Cultivar Development in a Time of Change 2014.4
64 Ow(区永祥) Generating Rice Integration Target Lines 2014.3
65 Vibha Srivastava Applications of Site-specific Recombination Systems in Plant Genetic Engineering 2014.3
66 Patrick S. Schnable Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Opportunities to Advance Breeding 2014.3
67 Martin Barbetti An overview of plant pathology at the University of Western Australia 2014.3
68 Adbed Gera Flower production in Israel 2014.1
69 Adbed Gera Plant disease in Israel 2014.1
70 Xiangming Xu 植物病理学中常见数据的统计分析方法 2014.1
71 Mingcheng Luo Integrated approach to sequence Aegilops tauschii, the wheat D genome progenitor 2014.1
72 Luo Mingcheng Integrated approach to sequence Aegilops tauschii, the wheat D genome progenitor 2014.1
73 Wang Mingbo RNA silencing in plant disease--A focus on viruses 2014.1
74 Mary Vore Protective Role of MRP1 in Doxorubicin-Induced  Cardiotoxicity 2014.1
75 Yangdou Wei Cellular Mechanisms Underlie Plant Penetration Resistance against Fungal Pathogens 2014.1
76 Reinhard Jetter Research progress in plant cuticular waxes 2014.1
77 Dr Søren Borg Iron and Zinc uptake and transport in plants 2013.11
78 F C.Ogbonnaya Maximum utilization of wheat primary gene pool to improve the productivity of Wheat 2013.11
79 Niklaus J. Grunwald Considerations for development of decision support systems (DSS) for potato late blight 2013.9
80 Prof. Giles Hardy Phytophthora diseases (biology, ecology, taxonomy (molecular and classical), isolation techniques and control) in woody horticultural crops, plant production nurseries, forests and natural ecosystems 2013.9
81 Prof. Giles Hardy Climate change and forest health (we have major issues now in this area – especially with warming, drought and frost) 2013.9
82 Marina Barba Plant virus diseases in Italy 2013.8
83 Steven E. Lindow The complex lifestyle of Xylella fastidiosa coordinated by cell-cell signaling: achieving disease control via pathogen confusion 2013.8
84 Brett Tyler  Entry of oomycete and fungal effectors into plant cells 2013.8
85 Dr. Zhao Genshi Pharmacological Inhibition of Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT): Metabolic Basis and Potential Clinical Implications 2013.7
86 Thomas Thieme 蚜虫取食行为EPG研究 2013.7
87 Bing Yang TAL effectors: From Pathogenesis to targeted genome editing 2013.7
88 Lingling Gao Molecular and genomic approaches to study plant resistance to insect pests 2013.6
89 Paul Breman Wheat Breeding in Australia: progress and trend 2013.6
90 Dr. Zhao Genshi Development of A FGFR Based Anti-Cancer Agent: From Target Identification to Clinical Candidate Selection 2013.6
91 Maurizio Lambardi Applications of in vitro techniques to plant improvements 2013.5
92 Elithabete Carmo-Silva Phenotyping photosynthetic efficiency in wheat 2013.5
93 Jose Luis Araus Contribution of shoot and ear photosynthesis to wheat grain filling assessed by δ13C 2013.5
94 Li Pengmin Effects of Drought Stress on Photosynthetic apparatus Explored by Simultaneous Measurement of Prompt Fluorescence, Delayed Fluorescence and Modulated Light Reflection at 820 nm 2013.5
95 A G Condon Photosynthesis and leaf area effects on yield 2013.5
96 Dick Jenkins A new simulation tool for designing and refining research experiments 2013.5
97 Liu Meiling Introduction to plant gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence 2013.5
98 Baoluo Ma Recent progress in phenotyping research for improving crop nitrogen economy 2013.5
99 Qin Feng Genome-wide analysis of ZmDREB Genes and their association with natural variation in drought tolerance at seedling stage of Zea mays L. 2013.5
100 Patrick Byrne Improving drought tolerance of U.S. wheat through the Triticeae Coordinated Agricultural Project (T-CAP) 2013.5
101 Quan Li Molecular characterization and transcriptomic analysis of Arabidopsis wild-type and cow1 root hairs disclose components that participate in tip growth 2013.5
102 Richard Richards Opportunities to improve cereal root systems for greater productivity 2013.5
103 Yuan Hanmin Advances on expansion of winter wheat production area northwards and conservation agriculture in Ningxia Yellow River Basin 2013.5
104 Li Huihui Experimental design and statistical analysis of multi-environmental trials 2013.5
105 Chen Liang The effects of dwarfing gene Rht12 in common bread wheat 2013.5
106 Xu Yunbi Unlocking genetic basis of low-phosphorus tolerance in maize: An overview of multiple approaches 2013.5
107 Wen Weiwei Large-scale metabolomic study and its application in maize improvement 2013.5
108 Wang Jiankang QTL IciMapping: Integrated genetic analysis tool QTL IciMapping 2013.5
109 Jordi Bort Pie How can crop spectral reflectance help in high-throughput phenotyping 2013.5
110 Zhang Renhe Physiological Basis of Drought Tolerance and Drought Management in Maize 2013.5
111 Xue Wentao The responses of germinating barley seeds to salt stress 2013.5
112 Douglas Sweet Problems and Symbiotic Solutions: how Insects Cope with the Extreme Diet of Plant Phloem Sap 2013.5
113 Xiangfeng Jing Symbiotic Microorganisms in Phytophagous Insect Nutrition 2013.5
114 Daoguo Zhou Pure Genius, Luck or Negative Controls? Salmonella Tell the Success Story 2013.5
115 Shihuan Kuang Muscle-fat interaction and its implications in animal agriculture and human health 2013.5
116 Changdeng Hu Bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC): Current Status and Future Perspectives 2013.5
117 Andy Tao Developing proteomics toolbox to study molecular signaling in plants 2013.5
118 Mike Keller Biological control of diamondback moth 2013.3
119 Fusako Kawai Biotechnological approach to polymer degradation for the sustainable society 2013.1
120 Prof. Fusako Kawai Biotechnological approach to polymer degradation for the sustainable society 2013.1
121 Vasilij Goltsev Plant phenotyping by prompt and delayed fluorescence methods 2012.12
122 Xiangming Xu 流行模拟与病害控制 2012.12
123 Xianming Chen 利用植物抗病性控制作物病害以期达到持续生产的目的 2012.11
124 Ahamed Hadidi Plant virus diseases 2012.9
125 Paul Tudzynski 麦角菌分子遗传和植物毒素生化合成 2012.9
126 LU HAIBIN 植物根形态建成变化与植物抗病性研究 2012.9
127 Malcolm Hawkesford Plant nutrition for 20:20 Wheat 2012.9
128 Martin Parry Improving photosynthesis in wheat 2012.9
129 Michael Peter Parrella University of California at Davis and the Department of Entomology: An Over Review for Research and Education 2012.8
130  Reto Strasser   The JIP-Test for in vivo Phenotyping in Precision Farming 2012.8
131 Chao-Chien Jan Interspecific Hybridization Derived Unexpected Materials Contribute to Sunflower Science 2012.8
132 Jiuhuan Feng Construction of BAC and BIBAC Libraries for developing an integrated genetic/physical map in Sunflower 2012.8
133 Hu Shuijin 如何撰写SCI论文 2012.7
134 J.P. Michaud Challenges to the Management of Sunflower Pests on the High Plains of the USA。 2012.7
135 Xiangming Xu R software introduction 2012.7
136 ,Jian Chen Fire Ant Research in USDA-ARS, Stoneville, Mississippi 2012.5
137 Dr. Daniel Ebbole Evolution of a Magnaporthe-specific gene family. 2012.5
138 Dr. Robert McIntosh Global Wheat Rust Threats. 2012.5
139 Dr. Zhongguo Xiong Stability and Change: The Balance of Life in an RNA Virus 2012.5
140 Dr. Xianming Chen Sexual or Asexual Reproduction, Which One is More Important for Stripe Rust. 2012.5
141 Dr. Raymond Martyn Understanding the relationship between cultural practices and late-season vine declines of melons. 2012.5
142 Dr. Jin-Rong Xu RAS signaling and infection-related morphogenesis in Magnaporthe oryzae 2012.5
143 Raymond Martyn Understanding the relationship between cultural practices and late-season vine declines of melons. 2012.5
144 Daniel J Ebbole Evolution of a Magnaporthe-specific gene family 2012.5
145 Zhongguo Xiong Stability and Change: The Balance of Life in an RNA Virus 2012.5
146 Fanneng Huang Sustainable use of transgenic Bt-corn through resistance management 2012.3
147 Xiangming Xu “Phylogenetics”和“Modelling biocontrol”专题讲座 2012.2
148 Michael Wisniewski Apple cold resistance molecular mechanism 2012.1
149 Scott X. Chang  Carbon and nitrogen management in soil and crop system 2011.12
150 DavidW.  Gene stacking as a transformation operating system 2011.11
151 Bernie Carroll Graft-transmissible gene silencing in Arabidopsis 2011.11
152 Qingyi Yu The evolution of papaya sex chromosomes 2011.11
153 Larry Dunkle SCI科技论文写作培训 2011.9
154 Que Lan From genes to protein functions: Can we get rid of the mosquitoes? 2011.8
155 David H Dyer High throughput in silico screening for insecticides 2011.8
156 朱克岩 Using a storage pest to study insect-plant interactions; 2011.8
157 Fusako Kawai 多聚物的微生物降解研究进展:以PVA和Polyester为例 2011.8
158 Xiangming Xu 试验设计、统计分析及生物防治 2011.8
159 Kunyan Zhu Insecticide resistance management and detoxification ” 2011.7
160 Galye Volk Cryogenic Techniques 2011.7
161 Bart Panis Plant cryopresravtion 2011.7
162 Thomas Thieme  禾谷类抗蚜机理与筛选研究进展 2011.5
163 Lerry lacey Microbial control of codling moth and other insect pests of tree fruit in the Pacific Northwest of the United States 2011.5
164 倪新智 Ecological Genetics and Plant Protection 2011.3
165 Jørgen E Olesen Research on sustainable nitrogen management 2011.3
166 王晓峰 Lipid synthesis and genomic replication of Brome Mosaic Virus; 2011.3
167 Arthur G. Appel The department of entomology and plant pathology at Auburn University / Essential oils for management of urban insect pests; 2011.1
168 刘楠楠 Mosquito resistance: mechanisms, genes, and regulation 2011.1
169 胡兴平 Dangerous beauty: anti-termitic properties of Lantana camara 2011.1
170 Henry Fadamiro Overview of the chemical ecology and IPM program at Auburn University 2011.1